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Have We Met?

photo by travel safe.com

I met a guy online. We talked on the phone for about 5 minutes.He asked me to come make it a block buster night with him. I said no he said well I have to go, my mom is calling. I said “Peace!”

I mean really? Make what a block buster night? Have we even met? I don’t understand the mentality of some men these days. Why in the world would he think after just meeting him online. I would be heading to his mysterious home, that I know nothing about to watch movies?  There is something mentally wrong with him, but he got the right one because his number will now be removed from my cell phone never to be found again. “Are you sure you want to delete this contact?” Heck yeah! Moron!

Tinzley Bradford

photo by http://www.travel-safe.com/img_structure/woman_scared.gif


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